12 Shocking Things You Can (But Probably Shouldn't) Do With a Wine Bottle Opener

12 Bizarre Things You Can Do With A Wine Bottle Opener

Things are not always what they seem. Sometimes, they are more than we perceive them to be. An everyday object like a wine bottle opener, for example, was built with one specific purpose in mind, but surprisingly it can serve you in numerous other ways.

With the right mindset, skills, and patience, using a wine bottle opener can suit virtually any of your needs. Yes, the corkscrew sitting in your kitchen drawer at this very moment is soon to be your new best friend. Read on to learn 12 bizarre cork opener uses.

1. Unclog a drain 

Unclog a drain with a

Perhaps while watching TV, you are constantly bombarded with commercials for Plumber’s Hero or Shock It Clean Drain Cleaner. But with a trusty corkscrew in hand, you can save yourself a few bucks and still get the job done. The stout spiral of your corkscrew is the perfect shape to reach whatever is causing the clog deep down in your drain. 

2. Clean your nails

Clean your nails with a

Why waste money at the beauty shop on a fancy nail cleaner when you already have one right at your fingertips? (Pun intended). The sharp end of a wine bottle opener can clean the gunk out from under your fingernails just as easily as any tool you might find at a cosmetic store.

3. Curl your hair

Curl your hair with a corkscrew

Save your hair from the harsh heat that straighteners and curling irons give off. Your luscious locks don't need the damage, girlfriend. Try wrapping small sections of your hair around a corkscrew until your whole head is covered in voluminous, tight spirals. 

4. Untie a knot

Untie a knot wit a corkscrew

If you've had a knot in your favorite necklace for months now and it's just collecting dust, don't toss it out. Instead use a corkscrew to untie it! These handy devices are excellent for untying knots in jewelry, string, or any other material for that matter. Corkscrews are so useful, that they can be found on Swiss Army knives.

5. Open a beer

Open a beer with a

Many serious, wine-only drinkers don't even own a beer bottle opener. But what do you do on those special occasions when the guests you invited over bring a big pack of beers? Never fear! You can always use the head of a corkscrew to uncap a Budweiser or Guinness. You can also use it to crack open a can of soda if need be.

6. Pick a lock

Pick a lock with a corkscrew

Getting locked out of your house is not a problem if you own a wine bottle opener. This is another reason you should always carry one of these nifty tools on you. In a pinch, if you don’t have a bobby pin or paper clip, you can use a corkscrew to pick a lock of any size. 

7. Remove staples 

Remove staples with a corkscrew


Staple removers are rarely needed in the first place, so why add another unnecessary tool to your already cluttered supply drawer? A corkscrew will do the job just as well. The tip of a corkscrew is just precise and sharp enough to remove an unwanted staple. 

8. Distress your jeans

Distressed your jeans with a

Vintage-style, distressed jeans from Urban Outfitters are extremely overpriced, but with actual vintage jeans from the thrift store, you never know what you're going to get (i.e. lice, bed bugs, etc). Did you know you can take a regular pair of jeans and distress them with a wine bottle opener? Scissors are often too harsh when trying to create fashionable rips. 

9. Remove plastic from packages

Remove plastic from packages with a

Plastic-wrapped packages can be the most annoying things in the world. They are so difficult to open! Next time you have a new plastic-covered case, save yourself the frustration of trying to open it with your nails. Grab a corkscrew, poke a hole in the plastic, and open the package with ease.

10. Open boxes

Open boxes with a

In the same manner, you can replace a box-cutter with a wine bottle opener. Some people tape boxes closed way too tightly. It's almost as if they don't want you to get in there! Especially on birthdays, this can be a huge hassle. In order to open boxes that have been ridiculously taped shut, have a corkscrew on hand.  

11. The perfect paperweight 


As simple as it may seem, everyone could use a paperweight. They are especially useful if you have an open window right by your desk. By using a wine bottle opener to hold papers down, you can kill two birds with one stone- keep track of your documents, and have a celebratory drink at the end of the day.

12. Remove a splinter

Happy April Fool's Day!

Sometimes when you’re in pain, you're not able to think straight. If you can't remember where your tweezers are, look for your corkscrew next. The sharp end of a wine bottle opener is a great way to fish out a pesky, little splinter. But be sure to clean it first, and be careful!


We hope you enjoyed these ridiculous gag suggestions. We don't suggest you try these at home! The only thing you should be using your corkscrew to do is open delicious bottles of wine

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