Our Favorite White Wine Pairings with Everyday Foods

Posted by Darren Scott - Sommelier on July 9, 2018
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The Difference Between Red Wine and White Wine

Posted by Kelly Black on June 21, 2018

“Bottle of red, bottle of white, it all depends on your appetite.”

With all due respect to Billy Joel, those words would never be uttered in an Italian restaurant. Your choice of red or white depends on a lot more than your appetite. What about flavor and food pairings and alcohol content? What about tastes from aging and depth of color and structure of the wine as it hits your palate?

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Wine Basics: White Wine

Posted by Darren Scott - Sommelier on May 8, 2016

How It’s Made 

We love a cool, crisp white wine, especially in the heat of summer. But do you know about white wine's life and it' journey from being a cute lil' grape to getting in your glass?

Here are the white wine basics you ought to know.

As Alanis says: "You... Youuu... You... Outta knooooowww.

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How to Plan a Corporate Event

Posted by Morgan Ainsworth on October 11, 2015

Whether it’s your quarterly, biannual, or company Christmas party, plan a corporate event that will have people talking, and excited to come! Read this blog at Personal Wine to get some helpful tips on where you can start.

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Corporate Event Theme Ideas

Posted by Morgan Ainsworth on September 27, 2015



If there's one thing that employees look forward to throughout the year, it's  definitely the annual company party. Unfortunately, the recession forced many businesses to make major cutbacks and forego many incentives, and the annual party was one of the first things to go. Thankfully, the economy has rebounded since then, and company events are back on! Now, that's a reason to celebrate. If you're looking for some ideas for your next corporate event, consider celebrating with one of the fun and festive themes below, brought to you courtesy of Personal Wine.

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Why a Wine Buzz is the Best Buzz

Posted by Morgan Ainsworth on September 23, 2015

All alcohol buzzes are not created equal, and dare we say a wine buzz is the best buzz. With mixed drinks, it's easy to down too much alcohol in a short amount of time, so the buzz ends up being short-lived or non-existent. Beer seems to be enjoyed slower than mixed drinks and it has a nice buzz, but it can leave you feeling bloated after just a few brewskies. Wine, on the other hand, tends to be savored, so the buzz is smooth, enduring, and oh-so enjoyable. It's not wonder, then, why wine is a girl's best friend. Let's take a look at a few more reasons why a wine buzz is the best buzz there is.

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Is Wine Better Than Beer?

Posted by Morgan Ainsworth on September 18, 2015
Is wine better than beer? The answer is yes! Wine has been around 1,000 more years than beer, includes health benefits related to preventing heart disease and increasing good cholesterol count, and offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation.
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The Ultimate 2015 Guide To Wine Gifting

Posted by Morgan Ainsworth on September 16, 2015

When people get married they want blenders. When people graduate and they want money. When people get older and they want to get younger. There are many opportunities to give a wine gift & we have tips to ensure that you find the perfect wine for the right occasion! Read more on our blog today.

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