5 Worst Mistakes You Can Make Attending a Wine & Dinner Party

Posted by Kelly Black on August 8, 2018

You’ve been invited to a wine and dinner party. There will be people to mingle with, wine to be drunk, and food to be eaten. Sounds like a fun evening out, right?

Maybe, maybe not.

The pressure is intense. One faux pas, one little slip-up, may be the difference between you getting lots more dinner invitations or heating up some ramen noodles while binging-watching Netflix in your pajamas next weekend.

Read on for the five worst wine mistakes you can make attending a wine and dinner party.

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Mini Wine Bottles as Party Favors

Posted by Kelly Black on June 1, 2018

When you’re planning the great parties and celebrations in your life, there are so many details to get straight. From the guest list to the location and the food and the drinks and the entertainment – the list can literally seem endless.

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