4 Unique Occasions to Celebrate with Champagne

Posted by Kelly Black on May 25, 2017

If you only think about gifting champagne during the holidays or for a wedding, think again! There are so many things to celebrate in life, and the gift of champagne can be used to mark each of them in a special way.

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5 Incredible Ways to Thank Your Groomsmen

Posted by Kelly Black on May 15, 2017

While much of the wedding planning traditionally falls to the bride, you guys do have certain areas of responsibility as the groom. Most important of those is choosing the guys who will stand up for you at the ceremony as witnesses at your wedding. They’ll celebrate with you and support you as you prepare to make this commitment to the woman you love.

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5 Occasions Where a Personalized Bottle of Wine Makes a Great Gift

Posted by Kelly Black on April 6, 2017

Special celebrations in life call for a special gift. Coming up with the right gift can be challenging and stressful. 

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6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day If You're Single

Posted by Alexander Strubbe on January 26, 2017

1) Host a Single's Awareness Day Party 

Why limit yourself to just one Valentine? Surround yourself with all the people you love and celebrate the day together. A personalized Viva de los Andes Cabernet can act as both a refreshment and table top decoration for your singles Valentine's Day party. 

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Four Ways to Celebrate Love This Valentine's Day

Posted by Alexander Strubbe on January 20, 2017


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Rules of Gift Giving

Posted by Anthony D'Addeo on November 16, 2016

We've spent nearly two decades thinking about what makes a great gift great, here are the common threads relating to rules of gift giving that we've found:

Rule #1 - Give something people actually want

We've all been there - that awkward moment when you open up a gift and realize you'll be waiting for the day when you can throw this thing away. Material goods are ubiquitous in our time, and sometimes more stuff feels like more burden. 

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